About Us

Eliminating The Happy Hour Search One Bar At A Time

with Pilar Holland and Katina Nikou.  


Their goal is to bring communities together over bargain bites and beverages and demonstrate that being on a budget shouldn’t limit you from these experiences.


Pilar and Katina met while working at the infamous Beverly Hills establishment Villa Blanca.  Their similar approach to guest services and knowledge of food and beverage led them to brainstorm one afternoon  about a culinary exploration with Los Angeles as it’s backdrop.  After “some” wine and pizza, L.A. Happy was born and the location search began.   


Pilar Holland grew up a child of the hospitality life. Her family owned a chain of Mexican restaurants in Southern California, where she started her career in hospitality as a hostess at the age of 14.  Before that, she was always in the kitchen learning the family recipes from her mother and grandmother. She went off to college and supported herself working in all kinds of establishments as a server and bartender, gaining more food and beverage knowledge as she worked her way into fine dining at Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant in Los Angeles. Her appreciation and exploration of taste and flavor led her to create a food show that merges both the mixology and culinary world.
Katina’s hospitality career began at fourteen working banquets in Michigan, which led to waiting tables and eventually helping open two restaurants.  Anxious to further her career, she moved to Orlando to work in guest services for Disney and then to Chicago for the culinary scene where she worked for famous French Chef, Dominique Tougne.  Katina married a chef and traveled the country to further educate herself in food culture before landing in L.A. and catering to Hollywood’s elite working at the Michelin star hotel L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills.  Her love for the culinary world has Katina on a mission to get others excited about it too in the most approachable way possible; Happy Hour